Carpet Replacement

Carpet Replacement

SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations, and the precautions and procedures in the SRS section before performing repairs or service.


1.Remove these items:

2.Pull the rear seat belt buckles and rear center lap seat belt or center shoulder seat belt detachable anchor out through each band on both seat cushions. Then lift both seat cushions up.

3.From bottom of both rear seat-backs (A), release the fasteners (B) in the rear of the carpet (C). Pull the rear seat belt buckles (D) out through a slit (E) in the buckle anchor carpet (F), then pull the carpet out from both trunk side trim panels.


4.Remove the front portion of the carpet (A):

-1 Disconnect the parking brake switch connector (B).
-2 Release the hooks (C) of the rear heater upper duct.
-3 Release the fasteners (D) under the dashboard. Pull the front middle edge of the carpet out from under the heater unit to release the fastener (E).


5.Remove the carpet.

6.Install the carpet in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • Take care not to damage, wrinkle or twist the carpet.
  • Make sure the seat harnesses (G) are routed correctly.
  • Slip the slit in the carpet over the hook.
  • Slip the carpet under both trunk side trim panels properly.
  • Insert the front middle edge of the carpet under the heater unit from both sides correctly so as not to make wrinkles or slack in the carpet.