Wiper/Washer Switch Test/Replacement

Wiper/Washer Switch Test/Replacement

1.Remove the steering column covers.

2.Disconnect the 14P connector (A) from the wiper/washer switch (B).

LHD type and KE model: 

RHD type except KE: 

3.Remove the two screws, then pull out the wiper/washer switch.

4.Inspect the connector terminals to be sure they are all making good contact.

  • If the terminals are bent, loose or corroded, repair them as necessary, and recheck the system.
  • If the terminals look OK, check for continuity between the terminals in each switch position according to the tables.
    • If there is no continuity, replace the switch.

Windshield : 

Rear window: 

The wiper switch is combined with the windshield wiper intermittent control circuit, so that you cannot isolate the No. 9 terminal to check it. Instead, do the input test at this connector terminal on page 22-160. If the input test is OK, but the windshield wiper intermittent function has failure; the switch must be faulty.