Throttle Body Test (Without ETCS)

Throttle Body Test

With using a scan tool/Honda PGM Tester:


1.With the engine off, check the throttle cable operation. The cable should operate without binding or sticking.

  • If the cable operates OK, go to 2.
  • If the cable binds or sticks, check it and its routing. If it's faulty, reroute it or replace it and adjust it, then go to 2.

2.Operate the throttle lever by hand to see if the throttle valve and/or shaft are too loose or too tight.

  • If there is excessive play in the throttle valve shaft, or any binding in the throttle valve at the fully closed position, replace the throttle body.
  • If the throttle valve and shaft are OK, go to 3.

3.Connect the scan tool/Honda PGM Tester to the Data Link Connector (DLC).

4.Turn the ignition switch ON (II).

5.Check the throttle position with the scan tool. There should be about 10% when the throttle is fully closed and about 90% when the throttle is fully opened.

  • If the throttle position is correct, the throttle body is OK.
  • If the throttle position is not correct, replace the throttle body.