Steering Hanger Beam Replacement

Steering Hanger Beam Replacement


1.Remove the dashboard.

2.Remove these items from the dashboard:

3.Pull the antenna lead (A) from the bottom of the dashboard.


4.Remove the bolts (A) and screws (B, C) securing the dashboard (D) and steering hanger beam (E), disconnect the hazard warning switch connector (F), and if equipped, disconnect the headlight adjuster switch connector (G), and power mirror switch connector (H). Detach the harness clips (I), and if equipped, detach the GPS antenna harness clip (J). Separate the dashboard and steering hanger beam.


5.Install the beam in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

  • Make sure the dashboard wire harness (L) is not pinched.
  • Make sure the connectors are pluged in properly.